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The Human Warmth of Knitting

The Human Warmth of Knitting

Knitting is an activity that is done in community – it’s about connections and relationships. This became very clear to me when I asked you Miss Marples, “How long have you been knitting?”  Absolutely no-one said, “I learned to knit by myself and only knit for myself.”
Instead these origin stories often talked about who taught us how to knit, and the most common teachers were our moms. A lot of us, like Elena and Judi, were taught by our mothers when we were very young. Andrea, on the other hand, said, “my grandmother taught me because ‘ladies need to know how to knit when they get married’. I was 13 at the time!” However old we were, teaching someone how to knit involves sitting close together, hands touching, coaxing stiff fingers and yarn through those initially very awkward new movements.
There was wonderful warmth, as well, in the stories of your first knitting project -- we knit for those we want to take care of. Lynn says, “My first knitting attempt was for my firstborn - he is 41 years old now. It was a yellow sweater which he never wore as it was newborn size and was too small for him.” Similarly, Susan tells us, “I knit for my babies, for my mother, for my first grandchild. Now I'm on my third grandchild!” If only we could cushion people from the troubles of the world by wrapping them in knitting!
       The act of knitting weaves yarn around and through itself to create something stronger, larger and more purposeful than the yarn is all by itself. Our knitted projects make visible the community and the human connections that are as much a part of knitting as the fibers themselves.

What have we been up to?

Denise created a lovely tea cozy!

Pamela brings us The Lexi Blanket!

Liz makes us all say Awwwww with her pumpkin hat :-)

Come Meet a Couple of Our Members!

Jennifer Esterbrook's shop is called Jesterbrook and she says, "I love to knit, sew and take pictures. I'm currently a senior in college and will graduate with a BFA in photography May 2013. I have a background using a lot of different medias and I am willing to try anything. I love the concept of recycling and creating things with found objects. I hope you enjoy what you see."
You can find Jennifer's work at 

MargoMadeIt is the home of Janet Tamargo who tell us, "I learned to knit as a child in England. While nursing at the local hospital I met my husband and we eventually settled in Maryland, his home state. I made several hand-crafted items for my family over the years in my spare time, working first in construction, then as a zoo keeper, and finally as a technician in a lab. Now widowed, I have now retired to look after my disabled daughter and her two children and knitting has become an important part of my day.  I love knitting for my grandchildren but especially like knitting for babies. I have recently started designing my own baby clothes and I am enjoying the new challenge of writing patterns. I have recently moved to the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania where I hope to have more spare time to enjoy knitting." 
Janet's work shows up at

Our Mystery Shop of the Month!

      As a new addition to our team blog and in the spirit of Miss Marple, we thought we'd propose a mystery.  We'll give you a series of clues that will point toward one Miss Marple Knitting Club shop. When you figure it out, comment here and we'll let you know if you've gotten it right! We plan to expand this into bigger and better mysteries in future editions :-)  
Ok, here we go......
Clue 1)  Years ago, the Beatles sang, "We all live in a _______  __________." The name of our mystery shop could fit into those two spaces, but the color is different from the original.
Clue 2)  In the shop owner's profile photo, she has an octopus on her head!
Clue 3) This person shows up on the first page of the list of Miss Marple's Knitting Club members.
Clue 4) If you search "Medusa Scarf" on Etsy, this shop will show up on the first page of results.
Good luck searching!

Thanks for reading!


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